Already one of the most customizable cars in the world, the MINI Cooper family will soon add even more personalization for MINI drivers in North Peabody, MA and the Greater Boston, MA area.

This news comes straight from SEMA, the world’s preeminent automotive specialty products tradeshow, where just over a week ago the MINI brand announced increased availability of the new MINI John Cooper Works (JCW) Tuning Kit. Beginning in January 2018, this versatile kit will be available not just to owners of a MINI Hardtop near Peabody, MA, but also to those of our customers who drive a MINI Clubman or MINI Countryman.

The MINI JCW Tuning Kit offers several upgrades, the most notable of which are engine-related. By combining new engine software programming, aftermarket components, and a retrofit, top-shelf stainless steel exhaust system for reduced exhaust gas back-pressure, the kit allows MINI owners to increase exhaust system performance, engine power, and overall on-road ability. Also, with the upgraded exhaust system comes enhanced sound characteristics.

So how does this kit translate in terms of power numbers? Very well, actually. With the new JCW Tuning Kit in place, owners of a MINI Cooper S Clubman or MINI Cooper S Countryman will see their car’s engine output increase to 208hp (up from 189hp) and 221 lb-ft of torque.

And that’s just part of the story. The MINI JCW Tuning Kit also comes with two driving modes: Sport and Sport+. Drivers can switch between these modes and “standard” operation thanks to an integrated Bluetooth®-actuated exhaust valve system. Plus, kit buyers can choose between carbon fiber tailpipes and JCW chrome tailpipes.

If you’re ready to take your MINI vehicle’s performance to the next level, set your navigation to “MINI dealership near me” and visit our nearby MINI dealers today!