Alternative energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and MINI of Peabody is here to help you find the perfect hybrid or electric model for your next ride.

If you’re worried about MINI service, don’t be. Our expert team is here to answer your pressing MINI service questions, and to share all you need to know about caring for alternative energy vehicles.

Learn About EV Service and Maintenance

You have many benefits to consider when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle. Your emissions output will be lower on every ride, and you’ll save money on fuel for long and short trips. Another benefit of purchasing electric is that your vehicle will require less service and maintenance than an internal combustion engine car.

This is because electric vehicles have fewer parts than gasoline-powered ones. Unlike a gas-powered car, which uses and engine and internal combustion to propel the vehicle forward, electric vehicles rely on a battery and electric motor configuration to run.

There are fewer parts in electric motors and the transmissions are only single speed, which means they don’t wear down as quickly and they need service less often. They also don’t require the same amount of fluids to prevent overheating or grinding, which means you won’t need to worry about fill-ups.

Electric vehicles also have regenerative braking systems, in that the braking system captures the energy that would otherwise be lost through heat. This means less pressure is applied to the brakes and they last longer between service appointments.

If you’re looking to purchase an electric vehicle, MINI of Peabody is here to help. We make it easy to find the alternative energy vehicles you love and to get the service that will keep them running right. Schedule your next ride in Peabody, MA today.