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We’re sharing all you need to know about owning an electric vehicle, like just how long they last.

How Long Do Electric Vehicles Last?

There are many benefits to purchasing an electric vehicle, including their longevity. Electric vehicles are designed better than ever before, which means they have comparable lifespans to internal combustion engine models.

It’s important to note a few key differences between caring for your gasoline-powered vehicle and your electric car. The most important element in your electric vehicle is the battery. The health of your vehicle’s battery will determine how long you keep it for and how much you can reduce your emissions.

Typically, warranties on electric vehicle batteries last five to eight years. You can expect that your electric vehicle’s battery will last at least that long, though likely longer. The expectation is for electric batteries to work for ten to twenty years or up to 200,000 miles with gentle use. The motor on your electric vehicle has an even longer lifespan, with some experts saying up to 400,000 miles.

You can extend the life of your electric vehicle’s battery by keeping the vehicle cool whenever possible, avoiding charging to 100 percent, and slow charging when you can. Check your manual for the optimal charge state for your vehicle.

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