With many of our customers planning summer road trips, the MINI of Peabody team offers some tips to help you conserve fuel as you travel paths near and far.

Practice proper tire inflation: Here’s an interesting stat: one tire underinflated by 2psi decreases fuel efficiency by one percent. It may not seem like much, but this percentage can increase quickly over time. So keep your tires at the optimum pressure, and if you need new tires, ask about the MINI Spring Tire Event at our local MINI dealership.

Roll ‘em up: Did you know that driving with your windows open can decrease your MINI car’s fuel economy by up to 10 percent? Many drivers are blown away (no pun intended) by this statistic, as many of us like to put the windows down on a nice summer day. A good compromise is to keep your windows closed when driving at highway speed.

Buy a fuel-efficient car: Of course, we recommend buying a MINI Countryman, MINI Clubman, or MINI Cooper near Salem, MA. Compact, strong gas mileage, available manual transmission: all of these things mean fewer trips to the pump and more vacation spending cash.

Moderate AC usage: This tip is one many of our customers are familiar with, but it bears repeating. When your car’s AC is running it draws power away from the engine, which in turn causes the engine to use more fuel. How much more? About 20 percent. Being judicious with your AC makes a big difference.

Get regular service: Things like low oil and coolant levels and old air filters can impact your car’s fuel efficiency. Servicing your vehicle at our MINI Cooper dealer serving North Shore, MA is critical if you want top performance all summer.

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