Are you on the search for fuel efficient cars? Here at MINI of Peabody, we’ll help you find the best low-impact, high-mileage vehicles to fit your adventuring style and driving needs.

In fact, we’ll take it one step further, with tips and tricks for improving your vehicle’s efficiency, so you can skip the pump on your next trip. Here are some steps you can take to improve your efficiency further on every ride.

Remove Extra Cargo

While our MINI rides have maxi capacity and cargo space, you’ll still want to remove excess cargo or weight when driving. Unnecessary weight can increase fuel use and reduce mileage, which is why it’s important to lighten the load.

Consider Your Driving Style

Different driving environments and conditions can reduce your mileage and require higher gas use. Take highways and higher speed roads when possible, to improve gas mileage and save.

Schedule Routine Service

There’s no better way to improve your vehicle’s efficiency than with routine MINI service and care, like the kind available here at MINI of Peabody. We provide oil changes, tire fill-ups, and other essential services that ensure your vehicle is operating at top capacity, which means big savings on fuel.

Head to our MINI Dealership in Peabody, MA

Here at MINI of Peabody, we carry the MINI vehicles you’re sure to love and provide the high-quality service and care that will keep them fuel-efficient and responsive for a long time to come. Schedule test drives and service at our dealership to get started today.