Spring is the time for new beginnings, which means it’s the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for MINI service. Here are a few recommended steps to give your vehicle a fresh new feeling to match the changing season.

Get an Oil Change

You should get an oil change at least twice a year, so what better way to keep that routine than scheduling it around the new season? Oil degrades over time, so even if you aren’t necessarily putting a lot of miles on your MINI vehicle, it’s important to have it changed to prevent wear and maintain your fuel efficiency.

When you come into our MINI service center for an oil change, it also provides the perfect opportunity to have the below parts of your vehicle checked on, too.

Check Your Tires

Winter weather can be rough on your tires. Be sure to check the tread to make sure your tires still have proper traction, and check that their air pressure is at the proper level. If you fell victim to any of those notorious cold weather potholes, you might want to consider a wheel alignment to make your ride smooth again.

Inspect Your Battery

Like your tires, your battery puts in hard work during the harsh cold of winter. It’s important to have it properly checked to ensure that it’s working properly and that it isn’t going to die and leave you stranded once things start heating up.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Another simple task that can breathe new life into your vehicle. Your wiper blades put up with a lot in the winter, from snow to salt, and they need to be in peak condition to deal with any incoming spring rains.

Schedule Your Mini Service at MINI of Peabody

Start the season off on a high note by scheduling service at MINI of Peabody and let our certified technicians have your ride feeling as crisp as a spring breeze.