Here at MINI of Peabody, you’ll not only find a variety of new MINI cars; you’ll also get to schedule service that will keep it running right all year long. We make it as easy as possible to get the care your vehicle deserves, and we’re sharing everything you need to know about preparing your car for spring.

Spring Service Tasks 

There are many benefits to scheduling routine car service, like improved vehicle safety and increased efficiency. Each season has its own service needs, and the more you know about essential tasks, the easier it will be to get the care you need.

Here are a few key spring service tasks you’ll want to schedule for your MINI soon:  

  • Wiper blade replacements: Winter weather can put a lot of stress on your wiper blades, which give you visibility behind the wheel. To anticipate spring showers, consider replacing your current blades with a new set.  
  • Battery checks: Car batteries have a lifespan of three to five years, but temperatures below freezing can reduce their capacity by up to 50 percent. It’s a good idea to get your battery inspected so you know if it needs to be replaced.  
  • Hose and belt inspections: MINI vehicles rely on a variety of hoses and belts to run efficiently. With that being said, they are made of materials that can easily become cracked or damaged in extremely cold temperatures. That’s why you’ll want to inspect them as the weather changes.  
  • Tire changes: If you swapped out your MINI’s tires for winter tires, you’ll want to return to an all-season set for spring. If you didn’t make the change, it’s a good idea to get your tires inspected and filled to make sure they’re running at the top of their game.  

Schedule the MINI service you need here at MINI of Peabody. We’ll make sure your car is ready for the warm weather to come!