Our MINI Cooper dealers serving Peabody, MA know how much you enjoy driving your MINI car. We want you to get the maximum amount of mileage and enjoyment out of it, and a big way to do this is by prepping your car for the change of seasons. With summer almost here, we offer a few important summer service tips.

Take care of your tires: summertime means increased driving, warmer roads, and a heightened chance for tire mishaps. This is especially true if you wait too long to rotate your tires (every 5,000 – 7,000 miles) or buy new tires (typically around 45,000 miles). It also helps to practice proper tire inflation, keep a working spare in your trunk, and keep an eye on your tires’ tread (i.e. when inflating the tires).

Stay current on your oil changes: cars like a MINI Hardtop and a MINI Cooper S are performance-focused automobiles that depend on regular service to run their best. And few if any services are more important than an oil change, which can literally make or break your engine.  Hot summer days make it more likely for an engine to overheat, a problem that fresh oil combats by keeping your engine’s many moving parts lubricated.

Hoses and belts: The AAA website offers loads of helpful automotive tips, including advice regarding specific engine components. One of these components, the serpentine belt, works in tandem with your MINI car’s hoses to keep the engine block cool. If either one of these parts cracks or snaps, your car will overheat. Avoid this possibility by having our local MINI dealers inspect your belts and hoses, ensuring that the connections are good and replacing anything that’s damaged.

For summertime peace of mind, get your MINI automobile serviced at MINI of Peabody today!