Now available here at MINI of Peabody, the 2021 MINI Countryman PHEV is the MINI crossover made for the city. This one-of-a-kind MINI crossover features an ultra-efficient electric engine coupled with the eALL4 all-wheel-drive system, which gives drivers confidence on a variety of different road surfaces and weather conditions. With this vehicle, you can enjoy the same iconic MINI style with the added bonus of lowering your carbon footprint.

Less Gas, More Savings

The 2021 MINI Countryman PHEV essentially looks the same as the gasoline-powered crossover, but with the added bonus of a hybrid powertrain, meaning you’ll be saving more on gas. The powertrain has three distinct modes, with each having its own unique advantage:

  • Electric Mode: Ideal for city driving, the electric-only driving mode lets you cover short distances with zero emissions, using only the lithium-ion battery.
  • Hybrid Mode: When you leave city limits, switch into Hybrid Mode to allow the gasoline engine and electric motor to work together to extend your total range up to 270 miles.
  • Save Battery Mode: For longer journeys, use this mode to gently recharge the battery and keep it at a 90 percent charge, so that when you get back to the city, you can switch back to electric mode.

Combined, the gasoline engine and electric motor generate an impressive 221 horsepower and 284 lb-ft of torque. The overall driving range is 270 EPA-estimated miles, while you can journey up to 12 miles solely on the battery. Charging your MINI ALL4 vehicle is easy, whether it’s parked in your garage or at one of the countless charging stations in your city.

Test-drive the 2021 MINI Countryman PHEV right here at MINI of Peabody.