Regardless of price range, regardless of manufacturer, few automobiles are as fun to drive as a MINI car. And when you add the MINI brand’s fantastic all-wheel drive (AWD) system, MINI ALL4, you get the kind of year-round performance that other cars only dream about.

And here’s more good news regarding MINI ALL4: it’s available on seven different MINI trims, including all four members of the spacious, pristine MINI Countryman family. That’s seven choices for you to evaluate at our local MINI dealership, all of which will propel you with grace, style, and reliability on city streets, mountain roads, and every thoroughfare in-between.

Wet weather in the forecast? No problem. When you’re behind the wheel of a MINI ALL4, any loss of traction in rain, snow, or sleet is immediately detected by the ALL4 system. Power is redistributed to the axle that needs it most, and at the same time your car’s standard electronic brakeforce distribution technology kicks in as well, keeping you in control and your MINI Countryman or MINI Clubman on course. And if this wet weather hits while you’re traversing uneven terrain, another standard MINI technology, dynamic stability control, keeps the car balanced.

Visit our MINI dealership serving Marblehead, MA, explore MINI ALL4, and you might find yourself thinking of this innovative AWD system as the gift that keeps on giving. That’s because when you add MINI ALL4 to a MINI model, you’ll unlock several additional amenities to make your winter drives even more pleasant. Features like cornering brake control and an electric front-window defroster are standard with MINI ALL4, as are three-stage heated seats and heated side mirrors.

Get the jump on winter and test drive a MINI ALL4 vehicle today at our nearby MINI dealer!