Some of the MINI parts in your car aren’t meant to last forever, but our MINI service center has you covered. We have all of the replacement MINI parts you need right here at MINI of Peabody.

Common Parts to Upgrade

Filters: When you get your oil changed, you also get some new filters. The engine oil filter keeps impurities from the oil away from your engine, while the engine air filter keeps out contaminants from outside of the vehicle. Both can protect you from costly engine damage. There’s also the cabin air filter, which is designed to improve air quality within the car itself.

Brake Pads: If you hear strange sounds when you press down on your brake pedal, that could be a sign that you need to take a trip to our MINI service center. We can replace any part of your braking system, including the brake pads, and help you stay safer on the road.

Tires: We offer services that can help your tires last longer, like tire rotations, and we’ll also help you find new replacement tires when you need them so you can get right back to the MINI driving experience you know and love as soon as possible.

Battery: The battery helps your vehicle start-up, so without a working one, you aren’t going far. Our mechanics will test your battery to make sure that it can hold a charge, clear connectors of corrosion, and find you a new battery when you need it.

Lights: Brake lights are a crucial safety feature that can help you avoid an accident, and your headlights give you a clear view of the road at night or in inclement weather. Our MINI technicians can help you with all of your lighting needs, replacing bulbs or fixing faulty wiring that’s leading to a safety hazard.

Our MINI Service Center in Peabody, MA

So if you’re in need of any kind of routine maintenance or official MINI parts that can keep your car running smoothly, it’s time to visit our MINI service center near Great Boston. We look forward to assisting you!