Getting regular service done on your MINI vehicle is one of the best ways to keep it in the same condition it was in when you first drove it off our lot. However, there are many misconceptions and questions surrounding MINI service. In addition to providing a variety of types of service on MINI vehicles, our mechanics like to educate drivers about common service myths.

I Haven’t Been Driving My MINI Car As Much As Usual. I Don’t Need Service


With the latest technological advancements in MINI cars, some people forget that their MINI still requires regular servicing to keep it running smoothly. Even if you are not driving your MINI car as much as usual, you still need to get it serviced. Services are based on both the mileage and the age of your vehicle. Contact our Peabody MINI dealers today to see what your specific model’s VIN is telling you.

My Service Light is On. I Haven’t Been Driving As Much As Usual. I Don’t Need Service


The service intervals are based on miles or years, depending on which occurs first. Service also depends on the specific VIN number. When the service light or check engine light comes on, contact our mechanics.

My MINI is Getting Up There in Miles. My Next Maintenance is Going to be Costly. I Should Sell My MINI While I Can


When it comes to car maintenance, there are so many variables – the MINI model, its age, miles driven, service records. It’s best to contact us to have one of our service advisors provide you with a quotation on what your MINI will need for its next high mile service. MINI vehicles come standard with a three-year, 36,000-mile complimentary scheduled MINI maintenance, so you may be covered.

Of course, if selling is the route you want to take, we can help you out with that as well.

For professional MINI service, contact our team at MINI Peabody today.