Whether you purchase a new or pre-owned MINI vehicle, you know that it will handle well and deliver an amazing driving experience. At MINI of Peabody, you’ll find many responsive cars that offer a variety of driver assistance technology, but that doesn’t mean that you can get complacent. Whenever you get behind the wheel of one of our MINI vehicles, you have to prepare for the potential hazards of the road, whether they’re man-made or the product of Mother Nature.

Many of the road hazards that you need to be prepared to respond to are created by other people. A driver who’s speeding or otherwise behaving recklessly can be a problem. A cyclist with a looser definition of “bike lane” than you would like could pose a safety hazard. You need to be paying close attention to the road at all times, and not just relying on your car’s safety tech. In just about every driving situation you want to cut down on distractions, like loud music or the temptations of your smartphone, and stay aware of your surroundings. If you do that, you’ll be better able to react to road hazards.

In other cases, the road itself can be a problem. Potholes can be damaging to vehicles, so sometimes drivers will swerve around them, If it’s safe to do so, slow down and try to get around the pothole to avoid serious damage to your vehicle, and keep an eye out for other drivers who might end up in your lane as they do the same. Construction zones can also provide obstacles and require you to slow down and stay aware. Debris and people can both get in the way, and you don’t want your MINI car to collide with either. Finally, crummy weather can also pose a major hazard. In the rain or snow, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and use those windshield wipers and headlights.

If you’re concerned about any part of your MINI car not working properly, visit our MINI service center. We’ll make sure that you’re ready to react to everything that the road can surprise you with. We hope to see you soon!