Here at MINI of Peabody, we’re always excited when a new concept car debuts. That’s because these vehicles can influence our favorite new MINI vehicles, or they can even become new MINI cars themselves! The MINI Rocketman is the latest concept to become a production car, and we have good news for green car fans. It’s going all-electric.

If you don’t remember the MINI Rocketman, don’t worry. It debuted all the way back in 2011. Obviously, the development of a new car can take a while. At one point, it was primed for production and would have come equipped with a 3.0-liter gasoline engine, but now that’s changed. Due to the rising demand for green cars and the MINI brand’s commitment to more electrification, the MINI Rocketman will be powered by an electric engine.

The production version of the MINI Rocketman will be developed in a partnership with China-based Great Wall Motors. This company has developed its own platform called the Ora R1, which uses a 30.7 kWh or 33 kWh battery. This gives vehicles a driving range of around 186 miles. Whether the MINI Rocketman will be built on this platform remains to be seen, but we do know that it will be developed for a global market, so we should see this model make its American debut soon enough. If you’re looking for that patented MINI performance but also want the latest green technology, it looks like you’re going to have more and more options available to you in the coming years.

Whether you’re excited about an upcoming model or you’re looking for a new vehicle right now, visit our MINI dealership serving Greater Boston and see what we have to offer. Our MINI dealers will make it easy to find the perfect car, whether you’re in need of higher horsepower, more cargo room, or the latest green tech. We hope to see you soon!