Driving a MINI car is an exhilarating experience – in fact, MINI cars are some of the auto industry’s most energetic, agile automobiles. A MINI vehicle’s powertrain is a work of art, and one essential component is its well-built transmission.

The MINI lineup is renowned for offering automatic and manual transmission choices. In most cases, it breaks down to a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic gearbox, but certain models, like the MINI Clubman, offer an eight-speed automatic transmission. So how do these transmissions work? Let’s take a closer look.

Automatic transmission

When you visit MINI of Peabody, one of the preeminent MINI dealerships serving Peabody, MA, you’ll find an automatic transmission option on all of our MINI cars, including the MINI Hardtop and the MINI Clubman. An automatic transmission relies on a computer to shift the gears, as opposed to the clutch-and-gearshift approach used by a manual transmission. The only input from the driver comes when the car needs to be put in drive, park, or neutral. While the car is moving, the driver has no interaction.

Manual transmission

If you want a manual transmission in your next MINI vehicle, you have plenty of choices at our MINI dealership, including a MINI Countryman. Even if you’ve never driven a manual-equipped car, you’re likely familiar with the setup: the transmission is connected to a clutch pedal, which when depressed allows the driver to shift into a different gear. MINI vehicles come with a six-speed manual transmission, which includes reverse. Once you’ve mastered a manual transmission, you’ll reap the benefits of inexpensive maintenance/repair, the ability to “engine brake”, and an especially durable design that easily handles high torque.

Visit us today, test drive a few models, and decide which transmission you like best!