Myths have existed in one form or another for millennia. And sure as there were myths about fiery dragons and flying horses, far-fetched tales have sprung up around the automobile. Some automotive myths have fallen by the wayside, but others persist. It’s on this latter group that MINI of Peabody focuses its attention.

Myth #1: Paying cash gets you a better price

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about whether cash is still useful in an increasingly paperless society. We won’t take a side in the “cash/no cash” debate, but we will say that paying cash for a car will not get you a better price. The auto industry business model is such that a vast majority of our customers finance a vehicle purchase through our nearby Peabody, MA MINI dealership, and while we don’t mind if a customer pays in cash, going this route won’t equate to a “cash discount”.

Myth #2: Don’t mention your trade-in until the latter stages of negotiation

This myth has been perpetuated so many times it even has its own nickname (“parachuting the trade”), yet it just won’t die. Nothing good comes from waiting until the last minute to mention your trade-in. All this tactic does is add more time to the negotiation. If you plan to buy a MINI Hardtop near North Shore, MA, we expect that you’ll have researched our pricing for this vehicle, as well as the fair market price for your trade-in. This puts all cards on the table from the get-go, creating complete transparency and a much more productive discussion.

Runner-up: waiting until the end of the month to buy a car gets you a better deal.

You know what’s not a myth? The outstanding performance boasted by all of the MINI cars available at MINI of Peabody. Stop by today to see for yourself!