Pre-owned and certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles are popular purchases. From a pure numbers standpoint, new car sales have risen higher and higher over the last several years, and the nation’s collective pre-owned inventory has risen accordingly. Plus, in terms of quality and reliability, pre-owned automobiles are far superior to the “used” cars of old. And there’s more accountability too, thanks to the emergence of vehicle analysis companies like CARFAX.

Quality doesn’t just vanish over time, which is why pre-owned MINI vehicles are among the highest-rated in the auto industry. And the biggest reason for this is MINI USA’s commitment to treating their pre-owned cars with an extra level of care and attention. Consider some of the many benefits to searching for a “MINI Cooper near me” and buying a CPO car at MINI of Peabody:

  • All vehicles are less than five years old
  • All cars are repaired/reconditioned with 100% genuine MINI OEM parts
  • 24/7 roadside protection plan for all MINI CPO automobiles
  • Top-notch MINI certified pre-owned limited warranty
  • Fully inspected by experienced MINI technicians
  • Supported by MINI dealers across the country – which means you can expect the same high level of service at a MINI dealership in California as you receive at MINI of Peabody

Regardless of whether you set your sights on a pre-owned MINI Cooper S or a CPO MINI Countryman, the same advantages to buying pre-owned apply – advantages like avoiding the depreciation that affects all new cars, some by as much as a 40% in the first year of ownership. Buying pre-owned also means lower insurance costs and a chance to stretch your dollar farther by buying your “dream car” for a reduced price, even though it’s only a few years old! Stop by to learn more today!