Our MINI service department at MINI of Peabody is run by dedicated automotive professionals that deliver competitively-priced services. Especially if you are a new MINI owner, you need to be aware of these three warning signs to prevent problems before they happen. Onboard notifications are an easy sign, but some problems are harder to assess. If you experience these signs, visit us as soon as you can.

Listen for Noises

An easy way to spot a problem that your car might not notify you of is to listen for unusual sounds or vibrations. Problematic sounds include a rattling or knocking sound that could indicate a problem with the engine’s standard operation. Below the car, you might notice a dragging sound if something has become dislodged, like the splash shield. If you sense unusual vibrations, primarily through the steering wheel, you might be experiencing wheel misalignment. Additionally, screeching and squeaking sounds usually point to brakes needing maintenance.

Watch for Onboard Notifications

All MINI models come standard with a warning notification system. These warning lights will display on the driver’s dashboard and indicate tire, engine, brake issues, and more. Be sure to pay attention to alerts as you turn on the vehicle.

Pay Attention to Decreased Performance

MINI cars are known for their clever and peppy ride experience, but they will only perform to their best capability with consistent service. If you notice poor performance, you could be the victim of old spark plugs or low oil.

Visit MINI of Peabody for Service and Repairs

In any situation, MINI of Peabody is equipped for all your needs. Our trained technicians can detect any issue in your MINI car and repair it to make it good-as-new Schedule your service today!