We recently covered some upcoming John Cooper Works models on this blog, but the MINI brand wants you to know that they aren’t the only new MINI cars that offer serious power. Here at MINI of Peabody, we’re also getting ready to welcome the MINI Cooper S E. It was recently unveiled without camouflage and it pulled off a stunt that not just any small car would be capable of.

So what was the big stunt? The MINI Cooper S E took it upon itself to tow an actual airplane! The small green car had enough power to tow a Boeing 777F freight aircraft. This airplane weighs around 300,000 pounds, quite a bit more than what a car would typically be towing. This exercise shows that a MINI car means lots of torque, even when the vehicle in question is powered by an electric motor instead of the typical petrol engine. While you may never need to move an airplane in your MINI Cooper S E, it’s cool to know what this upcoming model is capable of!

This also marked one of the first times that this electric MINI car was spotted without its camouflage. The 2020 MINI Cooper S E looks a lot like the conventional model, but it has a different grille with a yellow stripe and a medallion that shows it’s powered by an electric motor. You’ll also notice a charging port, a necessity for an electric vehicle. Otherwise, it looks much like the MINI cars you know and love, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect green model this might just be it!

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