At MINI of Peabody, we know that we sell some impressive cars. That being said, it’s still nice when we get some outside confirmation that our vehicles stand out from the crowd in the best way. Consumer Reports recently took a closer look at the 2019 MINI Countryman and featured it in their Luxury Entry-Level SUV rankings, and it was ranked at number one!

Consumer Reports looks at multiple aspects of every vehicle in each category and assigns them a ranking. The 2019 MINI Countryman rose to the top of the heap due to its impressive performance in many areas. It did well on the road test, its owners love it, and this particular MINI car is predicted to be reliable. If you want an entry-level luxury SUV that will serve you well for a long time, the 2019 MINI Countryman is it.

The Consumer Reports testers also evaluated the acceleration of the MINI Countryman, which can go from zero to sixty in just 8.3 seconds. It can brake from sixty miles per hour from 120 feet, topping many of the other vehicles in its category by a significant distance. Consumer Reports also praised its handling in both routine driving situations and emergencies.

Simply put, this is a vehicle that you can rely on. We know that drivers will love how this car drives and that they’ll appreciate its driver assistance features, like adaptive cruise control, and convenient tech, like the power tailgate that makes it easy to take advantage of the cargo room in the most spacious MINI car around. Don’t just take our word for it though. Come and see the incredible 2019 MINI Countryman for yourself!

So if you’re in Greater Boston and wondering “Where’s a MINI dealership near me?”, wonder no more. Visit our MINI dealer and ask about the impressive 2019 MINI Countryman today. We look forward to assisting you!