With so many car makes and models out there one might be inclined to ask, “Why MINI?” Well, we’ve got four super reasons why it’s a great idea to choose a MINI car like the 2016 MINI Cooper or 2016 MINI Countryman from MINI of Peabody in Massachusetts!

The Latest Tech: MINI cars like the 2016 MINI Cooper and 2016 MINI Countryman offer easy to use and intuitive technology that makes every drive more entertaining and informative. The available MINI Connected systems make communication and entertainment easy to access, so you can listen to your favorite tunes on Spotify® or get real time traffic updates.

“Go Kart” Handling: MINI cars are meant to give you the driving thrill of a lifetime every time you get behind the wheel. In fact, the folks at MINI aren’t satisfied to call it driving. Instead, when you’re behind the wheel of a MINI car, you’re “motoring.” It’s the experience usually reserved for high-powered, high-dollar sports cars. And you can have it in a MINI car.

It’s Bigger on the Inside: MINI cars make a big impact with their small exterior size, yet roomy interior dimensions. But MINI has been perfecting “bigger on the inside” for more than 50 years. It comes from placing the engine horizontally and stretching the wheels to the corners to make room for people inside, or by making a bigger MINI car like the 2016 MINI Countryman.

A Design Icon: You know a MINI car when you see one and you’ll love what you see and experience when you get in and drive one. With sophisticated features and materials to please your aesthetic sensibilities, MINI cars are instantly recognizable, and instant celebrities.

So if you’re asking, “Why MINI?” then we’ve got four super answers. And, of course, the biggest reason is the experience itself. But to have a go at that, you’ll have to come in to check out our inventory here at MINI of Peabody. So stop in for a test drive in a 2016 MINI Cooper or 2016 MINI Countryman today!