Now that the temperatures are warming up and the snow is melting in the Peabody area, it is time to start thinking about spring car service. April is National Car Care Month, and after a season of cold temperatures, snow and ice, and a hefty dose of road salt, your MINI car is likely in need of service. Here at our MINI service center at MINI of Peabody, our team of expert mechanics is ready to get your vehicle in top shape for your spring road trip. Here are a few popular types of spring service.

Oil and Filter Change

Oil changes are important because they help to maintain a healthy engine. Motor oil lubricates and cools the engine, where it picks up impurities. Because of these impurities, however, the oil becomes less effective as it ages. Schedule an oil change at the onset of spring to keep your car going strong through summer.

Battery Test

After the cold temperatures of winter, your car’s battery may need attention. At your spring service appointment, we will test the battery’s charge and replace it if necessary. We only use authentic OEM replacement MINI parts, in order to ensure top performance.

Tire Check

Fluctuations in temperatures that occur between winter and spring can also cause fluctuations in tire pressure. Spring is also a good time for our mechanics to check tread depth, because without sufficient tread, your tires cannot grip the road like they are supposed to.

Wiper Blade Replacement

After months of clearing away snow and ice, your wiper blades are likely in need of replacement. We will check and replace your wiper blades so that they’re ready to clear away the spring rain.

Schedule a MINI service appointment today at MINI of Peabody.