At MINI of Peabody, we don’t just help you find the perfect MINI car. We also help you take great care of it so that it serves you well for years to come. If you want your vehicle to last, few things are more important than routine maintenance. Spring is coming, and the start of a new season is always a great time to check in and see what work needs to be done on your vehicle.

Before you visit our MINI service center, it’s probably a good idea to clean your car. Your vehicle can pick up a lot of dirt and road salt during the winter, and leaving it on can cause rust or other cosmetic damage. Clean your floor mats and interior as well, since your boots have probably tracked in some dirt and grime over the course of the season.

Then it’s time to talk to our mechanics. We know that the winter can pose some unique hazards for your vehicle, so we know exactly what to look for. A pothole throwing off your wheel alignment could adversely affect your tires and the quality of your ride. We can fix that.

We’ll also take a closer look at your tires to inspect for damage and ensure that they’re properly inflated. We’ll also check fluid levels and see if you need services like an oil change. Before the weather starts to really warm up, you’ll have a car that’s prepped for spring and the long drives to come.

So when you’re looking for trained technicians who know your vehicle inside and out, visit our MINI dealership serving Greater Boston. Our experts will have your car ready to hit the road in no time. We hope to see you this season!